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Cannot figure out how to have Roon Core reside on NAS or if it is possible. Have tried installing ROON server with no luck. Have a Windows 10 Network with many computers attached. Currently have to keep Roon open and active on one designated machine even if I am not using it. Incoveient since machine must be on 24/7 which is a problem since Roon will periodically turn off without human intervention. If I use iPhone to control music usually in another room and on another floor and the program shuts off, I must get up and trudge up the stairs to reset the machine. I realize this is a first world problem but after about 4-5 occurrences of this and trying to find a work around, I am turning to ROON support for a solution if there is one. Hopefully this is not extraneous info but I also have SONOS installed on the network as well as a Sony HAP S1.

Check out If you need further help it’d be helpful to post details of your NAS.

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Hi @popcorn ---- Thank you for the post and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is always appreciated!

I wanted to check in and see if any progress has been made with the user of the provided knowledge base article by @Martin_Webster (:+1: thanks Martin!). If you still need assistance please let me know by tagging “support” in your response (i.e @support) and a team member will be glad to lend a hand.


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Probably more confused than ever. I have read the article(Roon_Server…) and found a QNAP TVS-471 device on Amazon but have been reluctant to pull the plug because of all the jargon in the Roon Server article. Currently my library is stored on a 4TB NAS WDMyCloud attached via an eero router to my modem. I do not know if I am leaving anything out but that is the system as I see it. I have both Windows 10 and MAC machines attached to the network and they can see each other. I experiment with moving the library from one machine to another by changing the location of the base files since ROON is installed on each machine on the network. I am willing to leave on machine on and connected to the library and that worked for about one month or so and then ROON began to shut off without human intervention so I ceased that experiment. If you need more info, please let me know. If you still believe I should go with the QNAP then could you please direct me to a site where it will show me how to PROPERLY connect it such as where in the chain it should be placed-to the router, to the modem, to one of the computers, etc.?? Thank you in advance.

Hello @popcorn, You will pleased to learn that other Roon users have successfully installed Roon on the QNAP TVS-471.

I don’t use a NAS, but I sure others will chip in with some help.


It has gotten even easier since RoonServer can be easily installed now by using the QNAP App Center. The only thing you need to do before is to create a shared folder called RoonServer to which Roon Server will write its database. This is quite easy and a basic task when using a NAS.
But I am also looking into getting rid of this step with the next update…

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@popcorn you don’t say if you want to run Roon Core on the QNAP. The TVS-471 is a very powerful NAS capable of running the Roon Core. I have been running it that way for almost 18 months now. If you want to continue to run the Roon Core on your PC then the QNAP TVS-471 might be overkill for your needs. At that point almost any NAS device would be sufficient. When I bought my QNAP I followed the directions provided by Christopher Rieke and was able to get it working fairly easily. I consider myself and advanced computer user with a good knowledge of networking. That said I had to ask @crieke for help a few times in order to get it 100%. Since that day I have not had one instance of trouble. My system preforms flawlessly and I am quite happy with it. Why not start by telling us what you hope to accomplish by buying the TVS-471and the commits and @support should be able to help you get things up and running if you are patient and are willing to get your hands dirty (metaphorically speaking).

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Hi @popcorn ---- Thank you for touching base with me here, very appreciated!

I would really like to get this sorted out for you and in order properly advise, may I kindly ask you to please define the following for me:

  1. What device is your ROON core currently being hosted on?

  2. In regard to the mentioned QNAP NAS (i.e the “TVS-471”) what is your intended goal with this device?

    • Do you want it to host your Roon core?

    • Do you want it to just house your musical collection?

Looking forward to your feedback!

Roon Server on QNAP-471+ is installed on SSD NAS Samsung, however, program does not open and I cannot find it as an installed file. If I download another instance, receive message to close original file before I proceed. Not much info, I know but that is a good capsule. When I open Roon Server via QNAP , I am directed to another download page stating that ROON Server is installed and if I want ROON remote, select one of the downloads below. Have tried many iterations with no luck so I am asking for assistance.

Are you trying to open Roon from a remote installed on another device such as a computer or iPad? You don’t open Roon from the install on the QNAP.

Hi @popcorn ---- Touching base with you because I have read your PM and I am also seeing your latest post in this thread. The PM seemed to indicate that things were working as they should but your latest seems to indicate other wise. No worries though, I will do my best to get you back on track with your Roon setup :wink:

I think there is some confusion here about Roon’s architecture, so please allow me to explain. Since RoonServer is installed on the QNAP, think of this as the “brain” in your Roon setup. The QNAP is going to be responsible for housing your DB, storing your musical collection, and streaming your music to the endpoints you have setup, BUT, you must have a way to control the server. So in a setup like yours, you need to download Roon on another device to act as a Roon remote in order to control the server on the NAS.

From our knowledge base article: “Software packages”:

Installing Roon Remote on a supported iPad or Android tablet allows you to control Roon or Roon Server using Roon’s rich, immersive browsing experience. Roon Remote does not include core functionality, but it can connect to a Roon or Roon Server on your network. You can read more about using Roon remotely here.

NOTE: You can also run Roon Remote on another Mac or PC, just install the Roon app and choose to run as a remote during setup.


I think I have figured it out on my own. Trial and error over several hours. Currently transferring Music files to SSD as I write this-about 85% done. Thank you for responding in any event. I can hear the difference as you said I would.

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Does your QNAP have more than one drive in it? Are they standard NAS hard drives? The reason I ask is because you say that you are transferring music to your SSD. Those of us that use the QNAP TVS-471 have their Roon Core installed in an SSD in slot one and one or more NAS specific spinning hard drives in slots 2 - 4 in a RAID configuration where we have our music reside. Your message above causes me to ask.

Yes, as recommended by Community in another post. I will use the 4GB hard drive to store other files.

Great. Good luck. The QNAP TVS-471 is a great NAS device.