Connection to Peachtree Nova300 drops

I am running a Nucleus to Peachtree Nova300 and if I have not used the system for a few hours I have to restart the Nucleus to have the Peachtree produce sound. I can run the Roon Remote on my iPad and it looks as though music is playing (songs are shown to be playing), but no sound is produced until I restart the Nucleus. Then everything works fine until I stop the music and leave it alone for a few hours. Then I have to go through the restart exercise again. Ideas?

Hi @Sean_McAdam,

Does this behavior occur with all endpoints? When the Peachtree is in this state, if you try playing to a different endpoint, do things work okay?

Alternatively, instead of rebooting the Nucleus, if you disable and re-enable the Peachtree in in Settings > Audio, does that allow the Peactree to work?