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So I have my Roon Rock with Roon 2.0 on it. My Roon Rock is Nuc I3.

First Windows PC:

  • I can connect without problem.

Roon Remote Android:

  • I can not connect. Red icon, Connecting…

And now with a second Windows PC:

  • I can not connect !!! Red icon, Connecting…

With Roon 2.0, it is only possible to have one remote ? ? ?
Even by disconnecting the 1st Windows PC, I can NOT connect from the other machines.

Seems something very very wrong on Roon servers side…
Any others are seeing such behavior ?


I * may * have found the issue.
On my router, I have set a static IP for the Mac adress of the Roon Rock.
Now I can connect.

Strange, before Roon 2.0, it was working fine…

Hi Xavier,

Did your fix work for you?

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