Connectivity issues - "high quality" Tidal/Roon/Devialet Phantom II Speakers

It appears that the Connectivity Issues only occur with high quality Tidal input (44.1 /16 bit MQA) with the Devialet Phantom II Speaker and NOT with the Phantom I Speaker.
44.1 /24 Bit (Tidal set to “Normal”) works fine - also with multi-channel set-ups and a mix of Phantom I and Phantom II speakers.

Hi @Oswald_Jochum.

I think we spoke in another thread. I have had similar issues as you, where Devialet speakers suffer dropouts (especially the Phantom 2s). I think perhaps the Phantom 2 have a worse WIFI-integration (smaller speaker, perhaps bad antenna?) or potentially just worse drivers than Phantom 1.

What I did in the end was wire my Phantoms up using Ethernet. For the speakers that were not close to a ethernet outlet, I did invest in powerline-adapters using my regular copper to run the ethernet signals. For me, since I got this setup I no longer suffer those dropouts.

I went with these ones (but EU version)
TL-PA7017P KIT | AV1000 Gigabit Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit | TP-Link

A tip is to check the RoonServer_log.txt. In my case it was very clear that some of my devices (mainly the WIFI ones) were introducing latency (warnings in the log, showing they got “out of sync”) and finally that resulted in some device (not necessarily the one that sent warnings) failed to sync, resulting in dropouts, or music stopping etc…

After wiring everything, I don’t get close to as many warnings. I get some occasionally but the playback has been stable now for >24 hours (which never happened before) and I play to up to 10 endpoints at the same time.