Connectivity Problem

I have two types of track stopping. One is that it stops, and the DAC has been lost as an output. The DAC comes back as an output a few minutes later but I can’t continue where I left off.
The other type of track stopping is that it stops with message that tracks are loading slowly. My Queue is intact and I can start where I left off, the DAC not being lost.
If I cold boot before playing, there is a better chance that this won’t happen. But it might.
A month or so ago my 50 foot Cat5 cable that runs from my Windows 10 PC to my system Netgear Ethernet switcher, was cut by a dry wall repairer. I had an electrician look at it, and he suggested repairing it, which he did with male and female Cat connectors. All non-DAC (PS Audio Perfect Wave II/Bridge II is the DAC) sources, Comcast, Bluray, and all streaming sources, including gorgeous DolbyVision UHD things on YouTube, work flawlessly, except for 3 or 4 times when I had to jiggle the repair connection within the 50 ft cable. In a month.
Is it at all possible that the Ethernet cable is at fault, given that it works fine with the other front end sources? I connected it directly to the Bridge II and it worked the same, so I don’t think the switcher is at fault. If so, I would replace this cable with another (Cat8, why not, only $49 for 60 feet). Or is it something else? The computer (Intel 7, 3.8 GHz, 16 GB RAM)?

That should tell you something.

For a reason why not, see this instructive post (one of many about the topic) -

Okay, I will get a Cat6 cable. Anyone think this has a chance of solving the problem?

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Did you have problems before the Ethernet cable was cut and then repaired (?) by someone?

No, from about a year after Roon came out. This is new.

So, you are saying that these problems you describe have started to happen after the cable was cut and that you had no problems before that? Or am I misunderstanding you?

I would replace the cable and use either UTP CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable. Avoid STP ethernet cabling as the shielding can introduce ground loops. Higher CAT does not equate to better, it equates to different use cases.

Given your are using 50’, there is no real difference between Cat 5e and 6 in your use case. You would need to either much longer runs (>300 feet) or using 10G networking before the differences between them mattered. There is a reason 5e is still around and used in residential cases.

That is correct. The only reason I bring up the question at all is that the Cat5 cable in question goes into the splitter and cables come out, and everything works fine except the PS Bridge II. And I have changed that final cable twice, two other cables I had in the house that were long enough. No difference, does not seem to be the Splitter → Bridge II cable either.