Considering Roon - how do I backup selected tunes to iPhone with codec translation

Core Machine

iMac 27" late 2014

Network Details

Google mesh devices

Audio Devices

I rip to my desktop, but play from a Mac mini connected to to big TV. I use an external audiophile DAC

Library Size

Thousands of CDs

Description of Issue

I’ve been using plain iTunes, which lets me keep my library in high res (ALAC mostly, but some HD FLAC).

iTunes lets me create a list that it uses to update my songs on an iPhone, and it allows me to select a transcoded format so I can use mpeg on the phone, but full res on the Mac.

How do I do this on Roon?

You can’t. You’ll have to keep doing it from iTunes.

That’s unfortunate.

I was wanting to replace iTunes with Roon.

If you have both iTunes and Roon active on the same machine, do they get along while sharing a library?

Yes. But, be aware that Roon will not work properly while an iPhone is physically connected to the machine running Roon Core.(Unless they fixed this recently).

I keep a separate iTunes library , a selection from my main library, to sync to my iPod , same principle

I would look at Plex and PlexAmp it would do what you want.