Considering Tidal, So Many Issues?

I added the What’s New Tab to the directions. Easy to miss it… Best, Robert

Never had any problems. Tidal is great; Roon is great. Together it’s magnificent.


I experienced problems with connectivity of Tidal using Airplay. But with Roon it runs great. The SQ is fine, the selection is wonderful, and the integration into my library is first rate. Good investment.

Well, I am in the Tidal 3 month trial period, and I am enjoying it BUT…argh…Tidal does not support Android Auto (AA), which I use exclusively in my car. I just can’t seem to “get there” with my technology. If Tidal supported AA I would be in for sure, but alas it does not. Of course, Google Play Music works with AA, but not with Roon. If Roon would just offer some way to get an audio signal in (Like Sonos line in), I would be good with Google Play Music since I reall only use it for parties and driving. Argh. Argh. I don’t want to have to pay for GPM and Tidal. I just can’t get there :frowning_face:

Nothing wrong with Roon and Tidal works perfectly together. The issue for me is Tidal itself as its lacks so many titles that are available on other services and I can’t easily find to own.

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It works perfectly well for me and I use it extensively. I have essentially stopped buying new music because I can get 99% of the new music I want through Tidal. Also, the new MQA format is fantastic.

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It’s been a wonderful integration, especially now that Master quality recordings are easily found. Go for it, no hesitation.

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@Kenneth, how about using Bluetooth instead of AA in your car?

I use Tidal with Roon and love it. I also use Tidal now to stream music in my car, which you can’t do with Roon.

I got a year of Tidal free when I bought my Auralic Aires Mini.

TIP: Now I pay $5/month for Tidal HiFi because it’s a benefit of being a Third Man Records Vault member. So $60/quarter to the Vault and I get a great vinyl package each month. Because I save $15/month on Tidal, which is $180, it practically pays for itself.

There is also a bargain on Tidal for military (active duty, retired, veterans). If you provide them evidence of your military or ex-military documentation, you can get Tidal (HIFI, whatever the highest quality is) for $11.99 a month instead of $19.99. I have been using it for nearly 18 months now and love it - yes, I have been paying the $11.99 - there is no set time period for it.


I’ve been using Tidal for about 18 months now and it’s been great since day one. I added Roon about 6 months after and integrated the two and I couldn’t be happier with the result – truly seamless integration.

Your comment about “Seems like the answer is no” when you asked if it works well, is way off. Remember this: You can’t read a forum about issues and complaints and think it encompasses the majority of people. This is true in every aspect in life including medical issues. The people who aren’t having problems aren’t going to bother posting, “Hey, I love this and it’s been the best thing ever to happen to me!”, because they’re busy doing other things and aren’t forced to take time out to complain or inquire if there is a solution to their problem. Also know that you’re typically seeing less than 1% of people related to the issue at hand when you see a “support/complaint forum”. The other 99% are happy and oblivious to the 1% and their problems.

I recommend against assuming anything these days – especially when the Internet is involved haha :slight_smile:

To reiterate, I’m a happy Tidal/Roon user. I integrated them about a year ago and ever since they have worked great together.

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I initially had problems with Tidal associated with a slow internet connection. With a new faster internet service, Tidal works perfectly with Roon and is an excellent experience.

Never had any problems. To me Tidal is a great addition to Roon. Every now and then I can’t find an album or song but that is very rare.


I take the occasional class at the local junior college, this make me a student, 50% off Tidal Hifi.

Just sign up for a student ‘id’, once verified they’ve never asked about to re-verify in over a year.

I’ve also been using the veterans discount. Great bargain.
I’ve had no issues with Tidal. It is pretty great with Roon.


I’ve never had any issues with Tidal and Roon other than a couple of temporary and sporadic disconnect glitches a year or so ago that were quickly rectified by software updates. I love it, and since then it has been rock solid for me.


I’ve never had any problems with Tidal. It really is remarkable just how rock solid it is when paired with Roon. It’s nice knowing that I have a local library of FLAC albums “just in case”, but I’ve never felt compelled to buy an album because the lossless streaming experience from Tidal has ever been unsatisfactory. I can’t say I recall ever having even a hiccup that interrupted a listening session (other than maybe a local power outage or self-inflicted network issue, such as forgetting the music I was listening to was streaming from Tidal and updating the firmware on my router).


I have had no problems with Roon, with managing my library of purchased AIFF files, or with integrating with my Tidal library. With my decades of experience in IT, my mind tells me to go to Tidal to stream MQA (to have fewer pieces of the puzzle), instead of using Roon to get to that content, but I find no difference in sound quality, using Roon to play back MQA (or FLAC) files from Tidal.
My setup is fairly straightforward. I have a very nice Dell laptop (quad core I7, 16 gigs of memory, 1 tb internal hard drive, 4 tb external hard drive, very nice (quiet) USB, iTunes with 44.1k/16 bit AIFF files recorded from my CDs, higher resolution AIFF files purchased from HD Tracks, the Roon Core running on that laptop (as well as the desktop app), and the Roon app running on an iPad Pro and my Android phone. I also have a PS Audio DirectStream DAC and a Mytek Brooklyn DAC (for MQA).
I have not experienced any problems with this Roon setup, ever. I don’t use Roon to search Tidal. I use the Tidal app directly to find and “favorite” new MQA content I’m interested in…being in my “favorites” it’s easy for Roon to find and display them.
Years ago I bought an Autonomic MMS-5A media server, but since I’ve had Roon, I’ve barely used the unit. Lately, I’ve remove the content from it and will find someone who would enjoy owning it…as I don’t use it at all.

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All of a sudden I notice Tidal through Roon is showing a fraction of the albums from artists that i see in Tidal alone…this seems to have occured just recently

Roon does not show albums in Tidal that are allready in your local collection. Could that be the case?