Consistency within the genres

There are some weird inconsistencies with the genres. For example, Noise-Rock is a top level genre and recognized by Roon and has its own page in the genre editor, but Noise Rock is not. On the other hand, Noise Pop is a top level genre and recognized by Roon and shows up in the genre editor, but Noise-Pop is not. In fact, when you search for “Noise-Pop”, the top result is “Emo-Pop” but nothing in my library tagged as Noise Pop is found. Noise-Rock and Noise Rock are the exact same genre and so are Noise-Pop and Noise Pop. So it is obvious that the hyphen changes the genre in Roon, but there is no consistency on if the hyphenated or non-hyphenated version is the preferred version that will be recognized. There are tons of these examples like Pop Punk is recognized, but Pop Rock is not yet Pop-Metal is. I would love consistency here so that when I am tagging my music, I don’t have to look up if I need to hyphenate a genre or not for it to be recognized and a top level genre.

Thank you

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Did you try the roon genre mapper? That way you don’t have to remember exactly what spelling/form of the genre to tag. Roon will automatically map what-ever you want to a consistent genre.

You get to the genre mapper by:

Main Side Bar Menu → Settings → Library → Genre Mappings (View)

If you haven’t used the genre mapper before to clean up your genres to something roon actually understands then you will likely find a large number of un-mapped genres. It is a pain to go through this first time but it pays dividends in many ways, especially roon radio and any discovery or recommended type functionality.

You can also change the genre hierarchy if you wish. But that is a bit more hidden. Just go to the particular genre page you are interested in and:

Three Dots → Edit → Edit → Choose Genre

With “Choose Genre” you can keep Noise-Rock as a top-level genre or make it a sub-genre of something else if you wish.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I have tried the genre mapper and the genre editor. My point was that if the genres were consistent with their use of hyphenation, I would not have to map so many genres in the first place. I think it would also be nice to simple have the genre editor accessible from the main menu or from the genre editor. Quick and easy to find.

Probably a feature request then? I would say I have mapped +/- 1,000 genres so I take your point. Only did it once as a major exercise at the beginning. I rarely visit that page now.

Wow, Thats a ton! I am definitely trying to avoid that :laughing: