Consistent actions in Playlists and Albums

In Album view, after selecting a single track, there are options for “Play” and “Play From Here”.
In Playlist view, there is only an option to “Play”.
I would like “Play From Here” as an added option.


I too would prefer consistency here. This inconsistency stems from the days before the “Play from here” option was added to the album tracks page, and the functionality was deliberately different to suit each use case.

  • Album tracks page --> PawMasher --> Play Now --> plays just the selected track.
  • Playlist page ----------> PawMasher --> Play Now --> plays the playlist starting at the selected track.

Now we also have the extra [blue] “Play from here option” in the album details page, thus I agree a rethink is in order and that these two use case should follow the same workflow.

Consistency is king, I’ll leave a flag for @Mike to pick this one up and ponder over it.

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Hi Carl, I tested your theory and could not repeat it. When I select a single track in Playlist View, the Play button acts on just that one track via the PawMasher

Hi again Jeff,

I don’t think I was clear enough in my previous reply (now edited to reference PawMasher).

I think you a using a right click (or long press) to select in the playlist and then using the blue “play” button that is displayed at the top of the screen.

Try this, left click (or short tap) on a playlist track to bring up the PawMasher, then press the “Play Now” icon on the PawMasher.
Note, the PawMasher displays “starting at track x”.

I am running a 1.2 Alpha build of Roon but I don’t believe this behaviour has changed.

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We may make changes here in the future, but right now this is by design.

The default behavior when you click a track in the context of an album is to play the track, while the default behavior in a playlist is to play the playlist starting with that track.

In both places, you can override the default behavior by selecting the track (right-click or long-press), or you can play everything on the page by clicking the play button at the top.

OK, thanks Carl. Got it now.
@Mike , I think I can now follow the logic of the design, but this functionality has extremely low discoverability for me. Surely consistency is an important design factor.
At the very least, all the myriad options for selection and play in all the different views should be completely documented in a User Manual. Almost every week, new users post on the forum to find out about click, long press and queue behaviour for PawMasher options.
Love listening to music using Roon.

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