Consistent freeze/crash issue when scrolling

Roon Core Machine

Core runs in docker on a 24 core server, 64gigs ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All unifi gig throughout all wired no wireless

Connected Audio Devices

There is a lot, but this is more about using roon on PC for selection

Number of Tracks in Library

circe 55k tracks and tidal

Description of Issue

Almost every time when launching roon then scrolling using the side scroll bar in artist it will freeze. I have to force quit. When I immediately relaunch 100% it then goes on to work perfectly. Its like the core just wasnt ready for the first time.

Anyone else seeing this?

I had this in the early days, installed Intel’s Graphics Driver package and it stopped doing it. The generic Windows drivers don’t play nicely.

I dont think this is the issue. If it was graphics I would expect it to be a PITA all the time. Its not. It freezes on first launch then works find there after. that to me points to a server side issue, i.e. it was not ready.

OK, it’s only going on what I experienced. It’s totally your choice if you don’t want to try it, and I respect your life choices and right to do that ! :wink:


Hey @Gareth_Irwin,

Thanks so much for getting in touch and sharing what behavior you’re experiencing with Roon — we’re sorry about the trouble, and, just as much, we’re sorry that we didn’t get a chance to reply until today :pleading_face:

Since it’s been quite some time, I was wondering, has the issue been happening consistently? Has anything changed?

Just as @David_Brown did, we would recommend manually installing graphics drivers, as automatic Windows updates hardly ever properly update them.

Hi thanks for responding, its not graphics, it did it in my iphone today. Its not big of enough of an issue really, I just relaunch it and much like quirky hifi put it down to the ‘experience’.