Consolidating Music from different USB drives [answered]

I had suspected I’d lost some albums from my database, I connected an old backup drive and thought that only the extra albums would be imported so that I could identify them easily and just copy and paste across to my thunderbolt drive, when I click on sort by date added every file is showing as date added as today, is there a quick free way of scanning my USB drive for differences from my thunderbolt drive? I’m 50 albums to the good so far so help would be appreciated

Use a file sync / backup s/w to analyse. If you agree with the results you could use it to sync the folders.

E.g freefilesync

Don’t just hit sync without checking. Pay attention to what the folder comparison shows.

I agree with Nick. Do it at file system level.

I use a dedicated de-duper: Gemini 2.

Hi guys, thanks for that, went with Gemini2, had to run it a number of times to clear out duplicates but it worked well, only ended up with another 25 albums but knew they were missing! Thanks again for replying :slight_smile: