Consolidation of artist tracks?

So I typed in Ella Fitzgerald and it would bring her up with all her different releases I have tracks from. One here, one there. Some would even show the same covers. I don’t particularly care about all the different covers. Is there a means to streamline this? A way to have the AI go through and merge everything so when I search for her it’s just all her songs? I don’t really see the point in having all the different albums.

Here’s a screen grab for instance. I have music going back to 2000 when I first started college. Multiple old external drives, a few dual layered DVD’s. I’d lose interest in music then hop back. So I had a lot of stuff spread out all over the place. Different collections, FLAC, MP3s, whatever else you could imagine. So there’s a lot built up. I’ve been filtering it all out. Here for instance is U2 that has several disk images. I’d rather instead of it being a song or two here and there it just merge them all together. Is there a way I can accomplish this?

This might help.

There is also a setting under General “Show hidden tracks and albums” which will hide some of the duplicates if set to no.