Constant break in streaming due to connectivity issues


I am facing constant drop out since 2 weeks with the following message “Audio file is loading slowly. This may indicate a performance or connectivity problem”. i have got my router checked and it’s working fine. In fact I have not changed anything in my network set up.
I currently use a Bryston BDP-2 server connected via Ethernet to my home network.the music is stored on my Apple MacBook. I am using Roon 1.3 with DSP enabled. I have also tried switching of DSP as per a friend’s advice still no joy!
I have checked and rechecked my network connectivity but unable to isolate the source of this issue.
Pls help


Is the MacBook connected via Ethernet or wireless?

Ethernet…and it’s been the same for an year. No change in set up

Apologies the MacBook is connected wireless

There is also a message stating there could be a hardware problem…

I have seen a MacBook with similar issues. Try Ethernet and see if it helps. I have seen some occasional performance variables, in particular on occasion being unable to process MQA the same as a 16bit file. However getting your library wired is essential in my view. Even if it is not possible to do so in your normal configuration take it to your router and try it with a short cable.

Sure, thanks. I will try and do that and revert