Constant clicks via usb since 1.1 [resolved]

my pc outputs via usb in to an audiolab q-dac. since the 1.1 update i hear clicking, every 5/6 seconds.
the clicks can be a single one, or almost like a metronome
my enjoyment of music is really being spoiled

Hey @DonkeyKong – sorry to hear you’re having some issues here.

Can you let me know a little more about your setup? Specifically, the information here about your setup, media, and output settings. A screen shot of the settings you’re using with the Q-DAC would be great, and then we can figure out what’s going on here.


seems to be ok now. i updated the drivers for motherboard which has a DAC dedicated usb port and no clicks
sounds great again.
keep up the good work, your software is outstanding as it seems is your support via the forums.

Great, thanks for letting us know @DonkeyKong!