Constant connection issues since update

Roon used to work great for me but since the update to 1.8 i get routinely encounter cut outs in the stream (and on reconnection Roon annoyingly jumps to the track rather from continuing where it left off)

It is starting to get unuseable - I use Quobuz.

I saw this reported before but little on it since. Any ideas?

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You could try changing your DNS to or, this often helps, but I’m not sure in this case.

thanks, Is this a setting in my router page?

You can either change it for everything at the router level, or for individual devices in their local network settings, eg. the Roon core PC.

The only option i see in my router settings is to switch dynamic DNS On to enable a DNS service, at this point the option I have is to to enter user, password , host name and dns service ri want.

Not sure this is what you mean.

Where would i enter the or numbers? I dont see an obvious place

On what are you running the Roon core/application? Windows, Mac, Rock?
Changing the DNS is only a suggestion, its not guaranteed to fix it, but it often helps :wink:

I have a standalone intel nuc running Rock

Goto the web admin page, note the IP settings, click the static address tab and re-enter them - but for the DNS - which will become Save. I don’t usually recommend static settings, but certainly try it to see if the DNS change works. Otherwise, I would recommend reverting to DHCP.

thanks, what should i put in the gateway and netmask? the original values from the dchp page?

Yes… IP address, net mask, gateway are copied over from the DHCP page.
The change will require a reboot. Don’t make a typo! DHCP was created for a reason :wink:

Looking good so far, have a rooDial extension thats super responsive now too

Fingers crossed this holds - thanks!

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Glad to hear that things seem better, @Jonathan_Moore — If you see any issues return please let us know!

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Actually spoke a bit too quick. Still breakin g up with Qobuz media loading too slow messages.

It breaks the stream routinely. The really annoying part is that Roon automatically jumps to the next track when the stream starts again. My Roon is virtually useless since this upgrade

I did post this in another thread and believed it was only with 24bit qobuz files but it happens with 16bit too

I’m having a similar issue streaming qobuz. The Roon core freezes the playback screen and track countdown but continues playing the track. Sometimes stops at the end of a track despite there being a queue of tracks, and intermittently drops the audio. I think it is since the last update.

Agree, i see the same odd behaviour too

Hi @Jonathan_Moore ,

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

Can you please share some more details regarding your network setup? What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear and network speeds (you can use or to check). Is the NUC connected directly to the router via Ethernet?

Does the issue happen when streaming local content? Does Live Radio work as expected?

I have a BT Broadband Hub, my Intel NUC ROCK (10i3) is connected right next to it with a Cat5 cable

My Laptop and endpoint (rPi running RopieeXL) are in a room upstairs, approx 3m away (2 solid walls)

My laptop in this room receives 40Mbps download speaads

As recommended in an email form Rebeka Abrudan from support I logged out and back into Qobuz, resetting the nuc in between.

The problem is still here, occasional (sometimes a lot) quobuz loading slowly messages, then jumps to next track (why does it not just start where it left off? - that is extra annoying)

I also took some advice from a forum member ‘mikeb’ and set dns server to but this didnt make it any better or worse

Problem is only with streaming qobuz

Look forward to hearing any advice on this

Many thanks

More specifically the BT Router is
BT Home Hub 5 (Type A) | Software version

Hi @Jonathan_Moore ,

Thanks for those additional details!

Does the issue happen on multiple endpoints or just on the Ropiee? For example, if you try to play to your laptop’s System Output zone (internal speakers), does the issue occur there as well?