Constant CPU Usage on Core machine

Roon Core Machine

Core running on:
Windows 10 x64
Running build 831

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mostly 1G wired.

Connected Audio Devices

Playback on:
Another Win10 machine, via ethernet.
Raspberry w/ Ropieee, over wifi.
Android phone, wifi.

Number of Tracks in Library

9100 tracks

Description of Issue

Constant 8-20% cpu usage.(of a 4 core AMD cpu)… even when idle.
Nothing playing, Library fully scanned & analyzed.
Restart the software, and it returns. Reboot machine, it returns.
Task manager shows it’s the Roon process, not the RAATServer.

I don’t mind it using CPU when it’s playing, analyzing, etc, but the constant usage is disturbing.

Hey Rod! This range of CPU usage sounds about right to me. And a quick tip, keeping the Roon app window minimized while not in use should also help minimize CPU usage.

Really? Even when there’s no playback or library maintenance going on?

I’ve many other media servers, and haven’t seen this much idle state processing… What is it doing at these times?

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