Constant disconnections from core since 952. Never an issue before

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini 2012
2.6 quad i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet to all devices

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry pi, matrix mini i pro 3, etc…

Number of Tracks in Library

50,000 tracks. 15,000 on disk

Description of Issue

since build 952 constant, frequent losses of connectivity to core. hangs, drops out, can’t connect. Maddening.

Just one example…

Again, before 952, it’s been flawless.

Since 952. Nightmare.

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looking at the CPU% in activity monitor, constantly above 100%… like 105-120%

seems to be the memory leak others have spoken about?

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Hey @terzinator,

Sorry for the delayed response here as well as the issues you experienced with Build 952. Our latest update should have you up and running again. If you’re still having difficulty please let us know. Thanks!

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