Constant disconnects of NUC with ROCK in Roon

Hi all,

today, I built a NUC7i5BNK in an Akasa Newton S7. BIOS Update and ROCK Installation (incl. codecs) went fine. The NUC is connected to the LAN directly, without a switch. I can see it continually via its IP address in a browser and in MacOS Finder; no connection issues there.

But when I try to set the NUC as core in Roon, it constantly disconnects. Even when I have my MacBook Pro as core, the NUC appears and disappears every few seconds in the Audio section of the Settings.

No other devices in my network have connection issues. Any idea, what might be the problem?

Thanks in advance,

After updating to version 1.5 on the NUC, things seem to have sorted out themselves for now.

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