Constant Drop Outs

Hi @Jonathan_Simpson,

I’m looking over your post and I noticed one aspect which might be interesting to investigate further:

What kind of switch are you using here? The TotalDAC + the Nucleus are both connected to this switch, correct?

I have sometimes seen failing switches exhibit similar symptoms, so if possible, I would suggest connecting the Nucleus + TotalDAC a different switch (unmanaged) to verify if the switch is part of the issue.

Hi Noris,

Thank you for your observation. The current switch is TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Desktop Switch, model TL SG108. Whilst it appears to be working ok I will swap it out for a new one to rule it out. Assuming that the switch is not the issue, do you have any further suggestions for investigation? I note that there have been others with issues relating to Mesh networks.


Hi @Jonathan_Simpson,

If you replace the switch and the issue is still the same, I can take a look at the diagnostics from your Nucleus and see if we can gather more information that way.

Please try replacing the switch first, and then if the issue is still ongoing, please note the exact local time + date + track of the issue’s next occurrence and I’ll enable diagnostics mode to see if Roon is displaying any specific errors in the logs.

Hi Noris, Understood and will do. The new switch should arrive tomorrow. Today I switched the ports used on the switch (there are 8 with only 3 used). Again still occasional drop outs. I’ve also spoken to my cable broadband provide who conducted a full diagnostic check on the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 router (set up as a modem only) and they have confirmed that there are no issues that they can see, and that since the issue is intermittent it in all probability resides somewhere in my network.

I’ll update on the new switch when installed tomorrow.


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Hi Noris,

Ok, changed the switch and the drop out issues continue to occur. The details are:

Thursday 28 May: (Using old switch)

Time: 0911 listening to Radio Paradise via my Bluesound audio device
Time: 0928 (as above)
Time: 1204 (as above)
Generally a good day - listening throughout the day with only these drop outs. Each time I needed to restart playing to listen.
Switch changed later that afternoon - no drop outs

Friday 29 May:
No drop outs I can recall although was working in the kitchen listening to Roon provided music (Radio Paradise) for much of the working day.

Saturday 30 May:

Time: 1417 listening to Radio Paradise via my Bluesound audio device
Time: 1418 (almost immediately after restarting the play)
Time: 1445 as per Bluesound audio device
Time: 1447 as above
Time: 1449 as above
Time: 1451 as above

Gave up listening via Roon and switched over to using the Bluesound App to listen to Radio Paradise. No further dropouts.

Before I go booking a specialist to visit and crawl over my network could you via diagnostics mode as to whether Roon is displaying any specific errors in its logs? Based on the above evidence, and similar experiences these last couple weeks, it would appear there is something going on that Roon does not like whilst both the Bluesound and Naim Apps ‘don’t blink an eye’ and continue to play music. Clearly, I would prefer to be using Roon.

All times listed are UK times.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Jonathan_Simpson,

Thanks for letting me know those timestamps. I have gone ahead and activated diagnostics mode for your Core and what this action does is automatically upload a log set to our servers next time your Nucleus is online.

I also kindly request your Bluesound logs in this case, you can get these logs by navigating to Bluesound’s IP Address in a web browser -> Diagnostics -> More -> Copy + paste the text into a text editor and send it as a shared Dropbox/Google Drive/Firefox Send link.

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Thread was resolved via private message, only Radio Paradise was impacted by this issue and since switching radio feeds the issue has not re-surfaced.