Constant Requests for Updates on things on the Roadmap

I thought it was worth raising this to a new topic since it was buried in a specific feature request thread. I nearly posted something similar before.

This was not the only request for an update on when some feature is coming today and there are requests almost daily. Plus there is also a thread for people’s top priorities for features which is similar and rather pointless as everyone’s is different so they are all top priority or bottom priority to someone. :smiley:

Roon have been very open about their development but if this just turns into constant badgering for when they are coming then I’m sure Nick is right. Let’s just be patient and let the Roon team get on with things.

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I think letting Roon know what’s important to us is OK, after all we’re a community and can share ideas and Roon can either use it or ignore it.

Agree about the constant requests for updates though - especially ‘pinging’ the team specifically. But I guess while many of us resist the temptation (not always, and not always easy ;)) it’s probably also because we follow all the inter-related forum chat and so know pretty much what’s going on. I can see how people following the forum less would probably see an old post saying coming soon, and just wonder - probably quite innocently - what the status is. Hard to see a way round that.

Probably doesn’t make it any less frustrating for them, but hopefully the Roon team know our over-enthusiasm is only because we love Roon so much, and we’re so excited to get our hands on the next version that they’ve been slaving away on.

The [On Roadmap] flag is being used more now and is a good start. The “are we there yet ?” posts can hopefully get fielded by mods and other users before they distract the devs.


I’d agree with the “are we there yet” sentiment - though as mentioned in a previous post, I think this reflects enthusiasm of the userbase, and it is better than the alternative or opposite - users not caring about updates (and by extension, not caring about Roon). I don’t agree with the comments of @philr regarding users requesting particular features or giving their top priorities being “pointless” - the Roon team needs this feedback in order to cater to its userbase and continue to improve its software.

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Could you clarify what you mean by “a new build of Roon that includes support for Linux”? Would it be an installation package you can install in, say, Ubuntu, in addition to versions for Windows and Mac? Would it be Roon Server only or full Roon core/remote? Would it include a NAS version? How about endpoints for Raspberry Pi?

The search function, magnifying glass top right, will lead you to fuller answers regarding all those questions. The short answers are: Yes, RoonServer only, Yes for some NAS and Yes to Raspberry Pi RoonBridge image.