Constant Roon reboots on Windows 10 machine (ref#CGPEUW)

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Roon reboots on both core machine and iOS device about every 15 seconds with the message “Waiting for Roon Server”. This started happening as I was listening to an album. I have deleted and reinstalled the Core and App. Both are running on a Windows 10 machine.

Roon Server Platform


Roon Server Specifications

Dell PowerEdge T30

Connected Audio Devices

Shiit Bifrost DAC connected through USB

Home Network Details

All hardwired, except for iOS devices. TPLink network switch with TPLink mesh router

@Brian_Elias, welcome to the Community. How large is your Roon library and how much RAM is in the T30? When you say:

can you provide any additional information? Does the GUI crash on both devices simultaneously and restarts? What specifically are you experiencing?

The GUI on both the server and my iPhone app reset with the same message at the same time. I am unable to even interact with the GUI because the message comes up and it resets to the home page. Was working perfectly until today. No “known” changes to the system.

What do you mean it resets to the homepage? Does Roon request a login in a browser window or something else? Can you post a screenshot from the iPhone or W10 GUI? Have you rebooted everything, including your router?

Given that the message appears at the same time on both the Server and Remotes could signify either a network issue or a Roon Server issue.

OK, I seem to have solved the problem:
Deleted Roon server & app from my music server
Deleted Roon app from all iOS devices
Downloaded & reinstalled Roon server on my music server
Restored Roon from backup
Reinstalled iOS apps
Everything working now

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