Constant slow loading of Tidal, thus skips to next song

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini Late 2012 (running Roon only) 2.6 GHz Quad core intel Core i7. 16GB memory. 256GB SSD.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Deco X60 WiFi 6 Mesh Three routers. Roon Core on Main router by ethernet. Formation Duo/Audio by ethernet on separate router - same network.
Fibre Connection 700 Mbps up - 700 Mbps down

Connected Audio Devices

Mac Mini Ethernet
B&W Formation Audio Ethernet
B&W Formation Duo Wireless

Number of Tracks in Library

Tidal only.

Description of Issue

Tidal loads slowly. Skips to next song. Happens every day, especially if core has just been idle.

Hi Jesper,

Fellow User here. Which version of Roon is running on the Mini? The latest version is 923. If you have not yet updated, you might try updating and see if that helps your issue.

Hi Rugby,

I just noticed right after posting and have updated now. Thank you for the heads up! Nothing would be better than a fix. Not to be to pessimistic, but this is an ongoing issue it seems by previous posts. However it also seems that support have been able to rectify some cases so I hope for that as it is quite the annoyance while everything should be quite shiny. And of course, should the new build fix it - then I am a happy camper. However the release notes mostly indicate changes to graphics.

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Maybe it’s worth to mention that using Tidal through the B&W Music app, or directly, do not cause the same hiccups. Hence Roon is most likely the issue.

Isn’t Roon support supposed to step in here?

Hi Jesper, I can tag @support and they will engage after the weekend. I take it you updated and are still having issues.

Hi @Jesper_Elimar_Krumm,

Can you please install our latest update, Build 931, and let us know if that helps? It included some fixes for slow TIDAL loading. Also, please take a look at our Best Networking Practices article from our Help Center and see if there are any suggestions that may apply to your set-up. Slow streaming loading is typically, but not always, an indication of Network issues.

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