Constant ' upload' activity on Synology NAS due to Roon (Solved)

Roon Core Machine: Core i7 Fanless NUC running ROCK version 831

Core i7 Fanless NUC running ROCK version 831

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NUC connected to GB switch via ethernet
Synology NAS DS1819+ connected to same switch via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet 440 pro connected to same switch via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

545000 tracks, 30200 albums

Description of Issue

I recently noticed (no changes made in hardware) an constant activity on the NAS (‘upload’ (as in: I am uploading something to somewhere) showing at 13 to 16 MB/s) when there is nothing going on. The activity is in SMBD. When I shutdown the NUC, the activity drops to near zero. When I restart the NUC, it goes back up to the same level. Any ideas as to what may be going on?

Always hard to tell from a distance when I’m guessing:

  1. QNAP and Synology had critical vulnerabilities that were closed with update.

  2. .Net replaces Mono on many systems.

  3. database is rebuilt after update/crash.

  4. a virus got in and copies your data

Thanks Uwe

  1. My Synology software is up to date across the board
  2. Considering the ‘upload’ activity stops when I shut down the NUC, would that not indicate the virus being on the NUC, rather than the NAS? And how would I even address that, since there is nothing else on the NUC besides Roon ROCK?
  3. not sure I understand that one
  4. is a possibility, but I see no activity in the Roon GUI (like the top right blue circle swirling for instance)

If everything is really quiet without NUC and all security gaps have always been fixed very quickly with updates, I agree with your consideration.

If nothing changes here either, Screenshot_20211115_094657
I would also be surprised to see what else is happening. Maybe there will be more ideas from the community or an employee will take it up when he is free again for new tasks.

I may have found the culprit; In Settings/Library, I see this:

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With a little test, slow, fast or off it becomes clear if it is this background analysis.

Yep. Turned it off and NAS activity dropped like a stone. Turned it back on and the usage went back to 14-15 MB/s. So that’s it. Just letting it run now.


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