Constant White noise - Project pre-box s2

Hey folks,

So i got the project S2 to use as a roon endpoint/headphone amp, connected to my computer through USB.

It worked like a charm for 3/4 months, Now im facing a strange issue i reinstalled the drivers but still the same : the box emits a constant white noise through the headphone amp (i never used the pre-amp RCAs to verify) and when i play through roon it just stuters/buffers plus the white noise (literally unusable).

I have tried it with another Laptop but as i just plugged it in got recognized by the laptop the noise again started on the headphones.

I haven’t changed the usb cable to be fair, but i don’t really think anything happened to the cable that could damage it (ugreen usb B to usb A cable).

When i set it to ASIO it still DOESN’T work with Roon, but occasionally works fine with Tidal or foobar, but no MQA/Sample rate indication it shows 48khz only no matter what the file played, and again randomly works.

Roon core is on the same desktop machine (poweful i7 quad core with 32gb ram and endless storage space).
Yeah i tried another usb port on the computer, same story.

Anyone experienced the same issue ?

Are you doing anything with DSP upsampling? either way I would check to make sure that is off

No DSP activated no upsampling :frowning:

Contact your supplier. I had a unit where the micro USB connector broke off and I got a new unit shipped to me free of charge.

Unfortunately i ordered it from Amazon Last March, and the return window has been closed already :frowning:

does sound like it could be hardware issue for sure

Open a ticket on Amazon.

Kudos ! I did and they offered to return it and a refund as gift Card even though return window ended 1st of May.
I think they checked my profile (i rarely return products) and understood that I’m honest and not taking advantage of the policy !
Now im thinking What shall i get :frowning: SMSL 500 maybe…