Constantly crashing. Is there any actual support?

Just signed up for the free trial, Roon on Windows 10. Roon has crashed unexpectedly about 6 times while scanning a large library. When I click on ‘we’re here to help’ I get sent to this forum. Is there any ‘real support’ or just these forums? I am not about to plunk down $500 on this experience.

Hi kirkegrd9000,

I am but a moderator, but I DO believe in support devs, I do, I do …:grin:

Let’s flag down @mike and @vova to investigate. It will help if you can provide system details as per this post. How large is your library in terms of # tracks ?

There have been some recent reports of crashes with Windows 10 64 bit version. If that’s what you are using I’d suggest trying the 32 bit version of Roon for evaluation purposes as it appears not to have the same issues. You can then install the 64 bit version once any issues are resolved.

Hi @kirkegrd9000 – sorry for the trouble here. If the crashes are happening during the initial scan, it’s probably due to something in your library, like corrupt files taking down our analysis process.

I’ll be in touch via PM and we’ll get this resolved for you. How’s that for real support? :wink:

Thanks I sent the log file as requested. My Roon login email is the file name (replacing @ with at, and . with dot)

@andybob do you mean try the 32 bit version of roon (if there is one) or use the 32 bit version of win 10.

I mean Windows 32 bit Roon which can still be downloaded here. Edited my post above to remove ambiguity, thanks John.

I haven’t tried the 32 bit version of Roon yet - is there any disadvantage of doing so? Or are you still trying to figure out the problem?