Contextual search

As far as I can ascertain Roon’s search function appears to search everything that it considers a searchable entity, which makes for pretty slow searching of a large library even with an i5-4690S CPU @ 3.20GHz, the database on SSD and ample ram. Would it be possible to add some search options to limit what entities are searched on a per search basis, with Roon remembering the user’s last choice in this regard?

As long as it is an option and not the default, then second.

@Rugby, I’m thinking along the lines of the search box as it is now but with a tickbox attached that remembers your last criteria e.g. searching for Santana, searching:

  • All
  • Artists
  • Performers
  • Composers

Pretty much the same as album Focus’ Other selections work today. So it’s pretty much set and forget unless you choose to change it, in which case it’s right there, in front of you when you initiate a search.