Continue playback when temporary starting Roon Radio from playing track

(Edited:) When I listen to a song, I may like the mood and want to continue - so I want to start Roon Radio (which is disabled by default in my system) from that track.
So I tap on the track and select Roon Radio. And then the song stops - to just start again. Why? It really destroys the whole flow of enjoying and listening to music.

I realised that the current implementation makes me avoid that function. What a shame.

So the request is: start Roon Radio in the background (without stopping and re-starting) when it is activated from the currently playing track (while Roon Radio generally is off and should stay off).

Thanks a ton!

(Or did I miss a way to achieve my desired behaviour?)

In the queue screen, just click End in the Roon Radio area. If there are more tracks in the Queue, you will have to clear them first.

Cheers, Greg

Greg, thank you for looking into it and your suggestion for a solution.

Your proposed way works only when Roon Radio is enabled. I have Roon Radio disabled by default, and do not want to change that. (My library listening is mostly list based and my discovery mode is mostly album based.)

So, to be more precise: I‘m looking for a way to start Radio only for the current playing track without stopping and re-starting when Roon Radio is off (and should stay off).

Thanks again!

I get what your after but not sure there is a need for this when this can be achieved by toggling on Roon radio in the queue , turn it off when your finished. The play Roon radio feature is an extension of all the play functions so it works as intended start a track and seed from it. If you hit play now or play from here button again it goes the same thing. Starts the track again. The logic for this would break from this behaviour in that set of controls.

Thanks CG. Not sure you get what I’m after. Which is fine. We all use Roon in a different way. We have different needs.

That said, I disagree with that it would break any common behaviour, instead it would behave as - at least for me - expected. The “Play now” and “Play from here” are probably most applied to tracks that are not currently playing.

My use case is about not interrupting a playing song but prepare a next one on a temporary enabled Radio function. Very simple. Two taps. Would not destroy or break anything, but would add comfort to my type of usage.

That’s why I ask for this feature. I’m aware that this could be quite an effort to implement, as it might need substantial changes about how the queue is handled. Still, there might be someone at Roon who thinks it would be a good change. Or not. I’ll continue to enjoy Roon either way.

I get what your after, you can achieve this though all ready by toggling the radio feature on in the queue at any time and it will play radio based on the current track your playing which is what you want It just needs your input again to turn Radio off at the end of your session. Cant see why you cant use this as it does exacrly what your aftrer albeit with one step to do at the end and without Roon changing any behavior.

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You are right, I can achieve what I want with about six taps/clicks. Thanks for not giving up on me.

Still, I want to do it in two.

Yes, I’m lazy and spoiled, and even think I deserve it. But hey, it’s my hobby.

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Hobbies should take time and extra effort :slight_smile: