Continue to show currently playing track indicator (after adding the streamed album)

This happens for me on my Windows as well is iOS client.

If I am playing an album the currently playing track is highlighted and indicated as playing in the track listing of the album.

If I add this album to my library the screen refreshes and the currently playing track is no longer showing on the album track list view.

Also on iOS when I reconnect to the Roon this sometimes happen.

Is this something that can be fixed?

Bring up the now playing screen by clicking on the song title in the middle of the bottom command line. Then click on the album cover. That should put you back to the screen with track playing indicator showing.

You can also click on the album cover in the Recently Activity “Played” section of the overview screen.

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Hey thanks for offering a solution.

I have been doing this but needing to constantly re-click a playing album is the problem I am reporting here. It would be great if the software could remember that the album is playing. As the bar at the bottom is updated real time I would expect the information to be available in the software.