Continuing problems with concerto soloists

@brian we’ve discussed this a few times in the past years. In particular I think SOLOIST was not brought forward for a while but now is, for example.

What can be done about situations like this?:

It seems pretty unfair that the only credit not brought forward should be arguably the most important… Any way of improving this? For example, can Roon be made clever enough that if there’s a performance of a piano concerto which has a single “piano” credit, it treats that as a SOLOIST credit?

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is this a situation with SOLOIST tag maintained or is it an identified album that just doesn’t show the soloist? I’m wondering because I never had such a situation with my tags so far.

It’s a situation with an Identified album where the soloist is not “brought forward” - i.e. displayed in the track listing. The soloist is in the credits still, just not immediately visible like with the SOLOIST tag.

uhhh - that sounds scary. As I said, I didn’t notice this so far on my library, but I also tend to “un-identify” quite quickly when I don’t see what I like :wink:

Will be watching out.