Control app for Nvidia Shield TV

I wish there was a way (not Chromecast or Airplay) to have the Shield or Kodi as an endpoint natively so I could enjoy full resolution audio.

Android audio is a mess to start with , Plex and Kodi have to hack there way through to get pass through to work. It’s worse for stereo as Android natively resamples it all.

Just wondering what you mean by “full resolution audio”?

Like many on this forum I am also looking into using NVIDA Shield Pro as a Roon endpoint. It would be very convenient, relatively inexpensive and reduce the amount of boxes in my living room, thus making my wife a happy person.

From what I have researched thus far, I think Chromecast is built into the NVIDIA, Chromecast is Roon ready or Roon capable, and according to measurements published on ASR, when connected to a good DAC, “Roon’s implementation of Chromecast streaming is superb. It is bit accurate up to 24 bits and 48 kHz”.

This information was also posted on the Roon community thread, Chromecast Audio sound quality.

John Darko also had a glowing review of Chromecast as a Roon endpoint.

So, I am wondering, what are the downsides of using Chromecast as a Roon endpoint on NVIDIA Shield?

Poor wording… my bad.

I mean the ability to have 24/192 output.

Ah, ok thanks.

Before I make a purchase, I’m hoping for some feedback about using Chromecast as a Roon endpoint on the NVIDIA Shield Pro. I am only interested in 16/44 maybe 24/48 at the most. Have you tried it? If so, for resolutions below 24/192 how did you find using Roon in this manner?

Can anyone else please provide feedback on this.

It’s great for me. I only a Denon AVR3600 and a 5.1.2 SVS bookshelf setup, my core is an Imac. But to me it sounds amazing.

Thanks great to know.
Do you use the Roon app on your phone to control and cast to Sheild or do you do it from the core on your Imac? I would want to have the Shield in another room from where my core is and use the Roon app on my phone to cast to Sheild. Do you know if that would work?

Well, I guess 50 million users is small these days…

I doubt there are 50 million Nvidia Shield TV users who want/need a Roon control app.

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Some TV manufacturers use android TV as their OS too.

Not all Android TV users have YouTube either. The comment I made was just that the population of Android TV users isn’t as small as indicated in this thread.

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But, this is a Roon Software Feature Request forum and that is what this thread is about. It’s not about the entire universe of Nvidia Shield TV owners.

@Jim_F I very much appreciate your valuable feedback and your interest in exploring an opportunity to further expand the Roon community. Your comment has totally provided a new user with a thought that this community is inclusive and interested in new suggestions and thoughts.

Given expanding to other user communities is very obviously something Roon community members care about, I thought I’d provide some more metric based thoughts on why providing this service might be beneficial:

  1. Roon is based (as far as I can tell) is a product marketed to a userbase of audiophiles that want more than is supplied by the low quality audio services out there.
  2. Given Roon is an add-on to home music collections and other services, I think it’s safe to assume that a significant population of the community is at least somewhat technology savvy.
  3. Android TV users also seem to show the same type of proclivity, wanting to get the most out of their technology.
  4. As of August 2019, Roon has about 100k users.
  5. As of 2017, its expected that there are close to 300M windows users and 100M Mac users.
  6. Total percentage of Roon users of that population is 0.0002% (obviously there are many users across both Mac and Windows so this percentage is actual low).
  7. 0.0002% of 50M Android TV users is 10k, or 10% of the Roon customer base. That’s $1.2M extra in annual revenue. Again, obviously, Room won’t increase new subscribers by 10% just because of this, but maybe they’d get 2%. That’s still 2000 new subscribers and $240k revenue per year.

While I understand this is not a place to be proving out a business case for Roon, it is a place to discuss why there might be an opportunity to expand their reach. I also hope this is a place where respecting each other is highly thought of and knocking down ideas because you don’t like them or they just don’t benefit you isn’t something that is encouraged.

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I’ve been a Shield user for a few years, and it is a wonderful format and interface to my home entertainment system. I have a DSD/MQA DAC setup with it, and the Shield passes MQA with Tidal and plays all formats to 24-192K on every audio/video app I’ve tried with it. It will also pass pure DSD with the Onkyo and USB Audio apps to my DAC. I also have a equalization app that works in the background for speaker EQ. The sound quality of the Shield is very good with USB Audio out already.

I think the Shield would be an awesome endpoint for Roon, it certainly is powerful enough, and NVidia is super proactive with support and updates. All music and video apps I have tried support up to 24/192, I think the Nvidia version of Android has solved that problem. The ability to have one device that connects USB to your dac that can show state of the art video AND state of the art music would be a big deal. And I think this market would be profitable for Roon. Also all other apps that play music have a lot of issues either in interface or sound quality, so Roon quality would really pull customers to them.


^^^^ What he said :wink:

I am using Roon on an Nvidia Shield TV Pro, with excellent results. My Roon core is on a MacBook Pro. The Mac and the Shield are on the same network (192.168.1.xx). On the Mac in Roon core Settings, I clicked the arrow circle in the upper right to scan for devices and it found SHIELD. I also have Roon on my Samsung smartphone on the same network and selected SHIELD as my output zone. I then use my smartphone to select what I want to hear. Yes! The music starts to play immediately and the cover art appears on my TV screen. I have the Shield output sent to my Denon AVR-X8500H via HDMI. Having the smartphone as the controller seems quite functional to me and the rest of the family enjoys seeing the album art.

I have not yet tried letting family or guests also install Roon on thier smartphones, run on the same WiFi network to access the Roon core, and bounce back and forth playing favorite songs for each other during a social gathering, as I’ve done in the past with Chromecast, but if that works, it will just be a bonus, because the setup as I’ve described it above meets my needs extremely well.


Thats using Chromecast which is built in to the Shield isn’t it?

That’s how I am listening to Roon atm.

It is easy to listen to Roon via Chromecast on the Shield. But it’s Chromecast, its not super high-quality. I have compared the same files via playing on Shield through LAN connected software players and they sound better playing directly compared to the Roon Chromecast playback. Which is no surprise really. Which is why having the Shield being a Roon Endpoint would be the ideal solution.

Are you talking about local files or via Roon (Qobuz/Tidal)?

You do realise Chromecast is a lan connected player if your shield is connected to a lan via a cable. Unlike Airplay the device pulls the stream directly it does not come from the device used to push it.