Control ARC with other ARC (or core)?

Kia ora koutou,
I am using ARC from Galaxy tab 7 via usb to Audiolab CD8200 Dac and off around the house, until I build a pi bridge. Core is upstairs on laptop. Sounds terrific.
Question: is there a way to use ARC or Roon on my Galaxy s20 to control the Tab 7 ARC remotely? I’m very efficient (i.e. lazy), and want to choose music from the couch.

It would be simpler to use Roon Remote in the home and control audio from any available device.

Yep, but Audiolab is not networked, hence using the Tab with ARC to feed it, at least until I get the pi put together.

But you can do that with Roon Remote, too. It’s a private zone. Go to the Tabs zone settings, and toggle Private zone to ‘off’.

This will be resampled, but as you say this is temporary.