Control of Artist image

The artist image seems to automatically toggle between a small circle shape and a larger rectangular banner. Is there a way of forcing one or the other on an per artist basis? Many of the artists I have in my collection I have added the pic manually and often lend themselves to the smaller pic only.

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The display format for the artist image is dependent on the resolution of the image. HIgh resolution images are displayed as a banner, low resolution images are displayed as a circle. The only way to control that is to add a high resolution image. As you know, many artists (particularly older ones) don’t have high res images available. So you will likely be stuck with a mix.

Thanks for the response David. For low res images I’d prefer the image to stay as a small circle but it doesn’t. It alternates between banner and small circle. For the same artist. It’s this behavior I don’t like, the image is either too low res or poorly positioned as a banner.

Not sure how that works for you. I couldn’t duplicate that behavior. Where are you seeing those two screen shots?

I get the same. If you find an artist with a low res image and then click on that artist, a circular image is brought up. If you go backwards and then click on the same artist, a full size image is brought up. If you go backwards again and click on the same artist for a third time, the circular image returns. This carries on in the same pattern.

Ah, I see. I think Roon has gone to the trouble to make both of these formats available. Seems like more trouble than it’s worth, but certainly working as intended I think.

Correct on the resolution. I don’t know how high res it needs to be, but it seems that horizontally, it needs to be in the 900-1000 range. I wish they would allow in-Roon editing of the image, especially when Roon goes to the circle mode, so I can determining what part of the picture shows, and how big the circle or rectangle is. I hate when i get heads only partially showing. “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!”

Yes that’s exactly the behaviour. A “banner” or “circle” option per artist would be ideal. Either that or a fixed regime controlled by resolution. But this alternating behavior is distracting.