Control of the music playing by one Roon installation (e.g. on Mac or PC) from another Roon installation (eg. on Mac, PC, iPad or Android device) [DONE]

I am using a headless RoonServer installation on a dedicated server with plural Roon installations for administration and music playing. It appear that I can not control the music playing of one Roon installation using another Roon installation. I think that one clearly needs such a control possibility The other Roon installations should be presented as selectable output devices in the Audio setup menu, e.g. like the networked Airplay devices.

Hi Otto,

This should be available when RoonSpeakers is released, which is supposed to be relatively soon, i believe. Like you i am very much looking forward to the added functionality.

More info here: RoonSpeakers: What, when, how and for whom?

More info here as well: Which outputs can I control remotely?