Control Options

I am planning on getting a NUC as my ROON core. Can I use a touchscreen monitor connected to the video port of the NUC as a wired control option? If so any recommendations for a touchscreen device to be used in this way?

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No, this isn’t possible. For the best experience, use a tablet to control Roon. Either Android or iOS, or the Kindle HD. A larger screen is best, but note that some features aren’t available on mobile devices.

If you want a permanently wired solution, the Raspberry Pi with an official touch display also works–with limited functionality–using Ropieee.

Are we just automatically assuming ROCK? Windows 10/11 most definitely supports Roon core GUI via HDMI.


Good point… I admit I was assuming ROCK.

Yes. Would be ROCK.
If I use an Android tablet, Can I connect to the my Ethernet through the most commonly available USB-C port using an ethernet adapter for wired solution? Will this setup offer complete control of the ROON app through the Android tablet?

This works for Nucleus, so it will probably work on a ROCK NUC.

Since you are only running ROCK, why not use the Ethernet port?

Most Android tablet do not offer an Ethernet ports that I am aware of.

OK, it seemed like you were asking about the ROCK NUC. I guess you mean to use your tablet as an endpoint? Probably not a very good experience, but it should work.

OTOH, control points, iOS or Android, are almost always via WiFI.

No. Using wired Android tablet as ROON control only.

WiFi is more than enough for Control.

Wired only becomes suggested for Roon Core or for endpoints, i.e. Zones.

I am looking for a wired solution. Not WiFi.

If you can get on the internet thru your tablet, then your WiFi signal is strong enough to control Roon.

If that’s the case, no one uses a wired connection to their iOS or Android device to control Roon,
It’s completely unnecessary.

Still, to answer the question you asked, it should work.

When you use Android this way, you need to turn OFF WiFi capabilities. Easiest way is to go into Airplane mode.

Thank you. That would be my plan.

No Problem.

Although I am curious. Having used Roon for over 6 years with Android phone and tablet control points, I’m not sure your reasoning behind wanting to do this. Even playing music TO the Android phone or tablet, I’ve never had connection issues.

I think the OP must be afraid of someone hacking into his network, so he doesn’t use WiFi for anything.