Control Roon from the iOS Notification Center as a widget

(Mehul) #21

That sounds great, what do I need to do on my end?


Check out the “Join the development” part within the Roon Extension Manager v0.7.1 post. Jan, the dev will help you out I’m sure.

(Jan Koudijs) #23

Main criteria for inclusion is that the developer wants his extension to be included :slight_smile:

Add an entry to the repository file for your extension and give me a pull request.

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(Mehul) #24

Hi Jan, I created the pull request, glad to be part of the project!

(Jan Koudijs) #25

Your extension is in!

Users that have enabled auto update can install it after the next update cycle.


Cool, does ist work with ROCK?

Roon to support widgets in Apple devices
(phantomtides) #27

I know this is an old thread, but I’m wondering if anybody is still willing to offer a little help. If so…

I’m using an 8i3 NUC, and port 3000 results in a “Server not found” error. If I delete the port number the shortcut runs, but it doesn’t actually do anything.

Any sense of what I’m doing wrong? Many thanks to anybody who knows more about this than I do (which is damn near everybody).