Control volume from the app: what options are there on the hardware side?

Hi Folks,

So I currently have a roon ready bluesound node 2i streamer going to my Hegel H95 amp over coax.

This means I cannot change the volume through the app. (Or can I?)

What are the requirements, apart from having a roon-ready integrated amp, if one wants to achieve volume control through the app?

I mean, Is it at all possible to have like a roon ready streamer going into an amp or smart preamp, where the (pre)amp actually listens to the streamer’s request of what volume to play?

I know an integrated amp like a NAD M33 or whatever does all this, but I am thinking separates here with a roonready streamer up front.

Kinda new to this, so excuse me if this is a not so bright question :smile:

The only way to control volume when using S/PDIF is DSP volume. Set the Node to fixed volume, and configure DSP as described here.

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