Control4 integration breaks when RAAT devices are grouped

(Mark van Berkel) #1

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus+ hardware
OS Version 1.0 (build 175) stable
Roon Server Software
Version 1.6 (build 416) stable
Roon Labs Software
Version 1.0 (build 11) stable

Control4 Software
Smart Home OS 2.10.6

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet. Pakedge Router and Gigabit switch.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Version 1.8
RAAT SDK Version 1.1.30
DAC+ (two of them)
Digi+ (two of them)

Description Of Issue

Newly integrated Control4 with Roon (Nucleus+).
When I group the RAAT devices either in Control4 or the Roon app, the Control4 feedback breaks. I lose all metadata feed. The music plays on the devices selected but I no longer have feedback on the Control4 interface.

I can play every zone independently and it works as expected. Grouping audio devices/zones in either the Roon app or the Control4 interfaces breaks it.

Monitoring the LUA output I see the following:

(John) #3

Hello @MvB,

Thanks for the report, I’m forwarding this information to the development team. When you ungroup the devices, does the Control4 functionality begin working again?


(Mark van Berkel) #4

Yes. Ungrouping all the devices and it starts working properly.

Any combination of grouped devices breaks it.

Even the controls stop working.

(Noris) #5

Hi @MvB,

Thank you for the report here. Just to make sure I am understanding you clearly here - this behavior only occurs in the Control4 interface, and the Roon App interface works as expected even when the zones are grouped?

We are aware of a report of similar behavior and have a internal ticket regarding the following when zones are grouped via Control4:

  • Track names are not update on the bottom bar
  • Play/pause works but does not reflect the proper feedback status on the interface
  • Volume control only works for one of the zones and the volume feedback is not properly updated

Can you please confirm if you are seeing the above symptoms only or if you are seeing other behavior here as well?

– Noris

(Mark van Berkel) #6

@john @noris

Yes, this only happens in the Control4 interface. The following message appears in the LUA interface after a grouping of zones/audio devices and no further information is received until I ungroup the zone/device.:

SendToProxy (5001, SEND_EVENT)
NAME: ProgressChanged
EVTARGS: 641:04
[string “Lua Code”]:1334: attempt to index global ‘exist’ (a nil value) (ExecuteCommand)
[string “Lua Code”]:1334: attempt to index global ‘exist’ (a nil value) (ExecuteCommand)

To confirm:

  • Track names are not update on the bottom bar - CONFIRMED

  • Play/pause works but does not reflect the proper feedback status on the interface - CONFIRMED, however, the PAUSE control works which leads me to believe that Control4 is sending the command to Roon, but the feedback from Roon that the track is paused is not received by Control4 so the button never changes state and the track continues to be paused.

  • Volume control only works for one of the zones and the volume feedback is not properly updated - CONFIRMED. There is some strange behaviour concerning volume control and muting of zones. At any rate, this seems to be effected by the grouping of zones/devices.

The Roon app on all devices works normally.

Everything appears to work normally when there are no zones/devices grouped.

Also, it happens when the zones are grouped in the Roon app as well. Only the Control4 interface is effected, but it does not matter if the zones are grouped via the Control4 interface or the Roon app. It breaks the Control4 interface.

(Noris) #7

Hi @MvB,

Thank you for confirming the above behavior.

There is an active ticket with the dev team regarding this issue and I have added your findings to the case notes. I can’t comment on when this behavior will be addressed, but it is in the queue and pending review.

Thank you again for the report, I will be sure to reach out again to you once I have any further information regarding this issue and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

– Noris

(Mark van Berkel) #8


I am happy to provide the dev team more feedback if required, and happy to test any fixed code.

There are other “buggy” things the driver does, but right now the broken Control4 interface is a show stopper.


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(Mark van Berkel) #9


More to add…

If I “Refresh Navigators” from the Control4 Composer tool when the Control4 interface is not responding with zones grouped it starts working properly. I can play tracks from either the Control4 interface or the Roon app and the Control4 seems to be getting the proper metadata and responds as expected.

More monitoring and feedback to come…

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(Mark van Berkel) #10

More to add for the developers…

The Control4 works properly when I group the zones then refresh navigators. Any changes to the grouping then breaks the Control4 interface again until I refresh the navigators again.

(Noris) #11

Hi @MvB,

Thanks for the additional data point, I have added it to the investigation notes. This ticket is still in the queue and pending review, once I have any additional information to share I will be sure to let you know.