Control4 Integration Demo

  1. I know this is asked and answered and this is a Nucleus titled subforum, but are there any plans on allowing the core software to integrate with Control4 outside of Nucleus? I’m not saying I wouldn’t buy a Nucleus, but I’d love to demo it integrated.
  2. Does anyone have any video of a Control4 Integration? Especially with Sonos endpoints? Again, I’d love to demo, but I don’t think anyone is going to ship me a Nucleus to demo.
  1. No
  2. Search engine
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If you have C4 already, well and good. But it not, I would not recommend it. My main reason is that changes or edits to your system have to be done by a licensed C4 dealer. This is costly and time consuming.

I ripped mine out and replaced it with a “simple” Logitech Harmony setup. Way less expensive; way more flexible.

My 2c.

I do have C4 system and I am a dealer if that helps.