Control4 OS3 Volume Control [Ticket In]

There seems to be a glitch with controlling Roon volume in Control4 OS3. We just updated our showroom system and can’t seem to control the volume of any Roon device when it’s set to the room’s end point and so on. It worked under 2.10, but not under 3.0. I’ve tried with our Devialet Expert 220, and a NAD CI580 so far, and neither controls volume. I see the volume feedback in Control4 when I change the volume of the device through the Roon app or the device volume control. @SteveSilberman @support

Hi @GregF,

Thank you for your report here. We are aware of this behavior and a ticket has been filed with the dev team for review. I can’t say for sure when we will release an update to address this, but we have been able to reproduce similar findings and an investigation is in progress. If you have any other feedback regarding the OS3 + our module please do let us know in separate threads. Thanks!

– Noris

Hi Noris

Do you have any information regarding OS3 and the issue with the volume control?

Many thanks for support,


Hi @K.Christian,

There is an active ticket with the dev team regarding this behavior and it is pending review. I don’t have any additional details to share at this time, and as soon as I have any new details to share I will be sure to update this thread.

– Noris

Hi, in our showroom, we try to use the Roon Driver to command the Roon Nucleus and some other Roon Zone devices.

We see that all work perfectly but not the volume command.
I see in the previous message that is a problem that is present in the os3.

Attached there is the driver and the lua output with the error.
This is very important, because a lot of our end customers use Roon.


Kind Regards.

ReceivedFromProxy(): SET_VOLUME_LEVEL on binding 5002; Call Function SET_VOLUME_LEVEL()
OUTPUT: 7001
ReceivedFromProxy: Unhandled command = SET_VOLUME_LEVEL
SendToProxy (5001, SEND_EVENT)

Hello @Sasha_Defranceschi,

Thank you for the additional report here. We are aware of this issue and the associated Lua trace and there is an active ticket with the devs regarding this behavior. I can’t comment on an exact timeline of when it will be addressed, but I have noted your report as an additional data point. Thanks in advance for your patience here.

Is this Bug Fixed ?

Hi @Gary_Chapman,

I took a look at our internal tracker today, and I can see that this ticket is still in our development queue.
Once the ticket has reached the developers and there are any new updates I will update this thread accordingly. Thank you!

Hi Sasha,
According the failure code it looks like that a SET_VOLUME_LEVEL command is missing at the driver and has to be integrated.
Depending on the complexity of the roon API somebody could integrated it :slight_smile:
For us is this driver also very important and I hope roon will fix it very soon. It’s not such a complex failure.
So please Noris take care about this issue and let fix it from your technical department soon.

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As a C4 Dealer I became a Roon dealer to hopefully provide my clients with a integration option in C4 with Roon, but not handling a volume transport issue is not acceptable. I have this issue with my N+ Showroom Demo, and now don’t show it to prospective clients.

Hello All,

I wanted to reach out with some good news about Roon’s Control4 integration. We have identified some issues with the current implementation and we have scheduled some time in the near future to make some changes to address these issues.

We can’t provide any timelines just yet as this will take some time to develop and test before we can release, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated once we have more information about this available.
Your patience as we’ve investigated this has been greatly appreciated, and we hope to have more good news for you regarding this soon.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

The Roon Support Team

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Wow, it only took you a year to let us know that you’ve identified the issue, but still can’t provide a timeline. I guess I’ll check back in another year.

I signed up as a Roon Dealer to integrate Roon into C4 for my clients, this volume issue is a major stumbling block.

In OS3 with the Roon Zone as Audio Endpoint 1 and Audio Volume 1 in Composer, on the Navigator interface’s Active Media Bar the Volume slider moves with ones finger but no volume change happens, but if you change volume with the Roon app or on the device (in my case a KEF LSX) the C4 slider moves with volume change. So it appears that it’s a disconnect on the Roon C4 Roon Zone driver not communicating volume change to Roon, yet receives volume change from Roon.

have to say we have just stop selling Roon Neclues - Because of the issues within Control4

Sorry but you back up useless - You need to sort these issues

Yes we did sell a lot of units - But no more its just painful

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Still no resolution on this after the end of May for an issue that is over a year old. Though Roon is a great platform and I really want to recommend it to my clients, I can’t due to this bug. This shouldn’t be that difficult of a Control4 driver fix.

This is what Charlie Kindel of Control4 calls a Broken Window. The idea that when a product accumulates too many unresolved issues, much like the way a Broken Window in a house in a neighborhood detracts from the value of the neighborhood, when these are allowed to multiply and persist, it’s like a death of a thousand cuts for the product.

Hello All,

I wanted to reach out and let you know that we released an update to our Control4 module which includes some improvements that we believe should help with this issue!

You can read the full release notes and download the updated module from here:

Thanks again for everyone’s patience here while we worked on this issue and do let us know how the updated module is working!

The Roon Team