Controling Roon iPad Air 2

Running Roon Server on a Windows 10 PC headless controlled by iPad Air 2.
When in album view, when I’m away from controlling Roon with iPad when reconnects it goes back to the very start of albums.

Is there a way so when it reconnects that it goes back to were I left off?

Hi @Outlaw ---- Thank you for the report. I wanted to touch base with you to confirm that we have been able to reproduce and a ticket has been placed to investigate/fix this issue :clap::+1:.


Thanks appreciate it

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I had sent a message back on Oct 6 about when browsing in album view and going away from app and coming back it’s not were I left off viewing its back at the start of albums.You said you could reproduce and a ticket was in to fix issue?

Yup, it’s still open. We will look at it, but it didn’t happen in time for 1.3. :frowning:

Wondering if this will ever be resolved

We have a ticket open, and we looked into it, but unfortunately it’s not a simple fix.

It’s definitely frustrating, and definitely something we’d like to improve, but unfortunately I don’t have any firm timeline I can share for the moment.