Controlling external volume

Does Roon officially support external volume control? That is, controlling a preamp from the Roon UI. I can see some extensions around the place but I haven’t spotted anything official.
If not, please can I request this as a feature? I know that there are a lot of protocols out there so it’s probably a bit of a big job, but at the same time, given how many DACs are simply DACs and not preamps, it also seems a very important part of the Roon offering.
If there is a ‘Tinkering’ way to do this, great - I’m happy to look into that too.

It would need to be RoonReady. I have an MSB DAC with a RoonReady network adapter. I can directly control the DAC’s volume control via Roon’s volume control. It has direct control of that volume as though I was using the DAC’s remote.
Some of the Devialet devices are RoonReady in this way. I’m sure there are others.
Recognize the Roon User base is relatively small (~100,000) so many vendors may not see a financial incentive to get preamps engineered to a RoonReady standard.

I think if the dac/amp/device supports USB HID control, it should work, but it very much depends on implementation. If you set “Device Volume” in Roon, Roon will send the commands, it then depends what the receiving device does with them. Devialet decodes them to drive a hardware volume control.

I appreciate it’s not easy(!) but I definitely feel like it’s quite important functionality.
I don’t know of any amplifiers with USB in (nor does it suit Roon’s architecture to have to run a USB from the server to the amp which could be anywhere), but I get that there are advantages as Roon needs to know current volume status as well as send commands.
Is this supported in the Roon Bridge?
Could something like Crestron at least be supported? I like most people can’t afford Crestron but it’s a big and well-known ecosystem and one can imagine that there’s a number of different ways to interface to it. Or something like HomeKit…? Obviously open-source ways are best but I’m just thinking about adoption rates.

Crestron is supported but you need a nucleus to do so.
Roon ready kit can already support volume control, my Naim Atom for example is synched between roon it’s remote control and the volume knob, they all reflect the status.

You can also use the Deep Harmony Roon extension plus a harmony hub which will allow Roon to control a pre as long as it has ir control. I do this with my RME dac.

Thanks @CrystalGipsy, that’s interesting. I was hoping for core functionality rather than a third-party extension though. I guess this cannot tell the volume status of your RME DAC, just send up and down commands, is that right?

That’s correct. I don’t need to know as the display on the DAC tells me the volume.