Controlling playback without network

If i take a nucleus or rock to work. Is there any way to control it without connecting to a network? I can’t use the network at work.

No, you need a software controller and that needs to connect to the Nucleus over a network connection, it has no UI other than the limited web gui. It’s a headless server. You could set up a local network using a laptop possibly with some tweaking but using just the Laptop as core and remote would be simpler and less prone to issues.

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You are also likely to need an Internet connection too. Roon connects periodically to the internet for licence authentication and streaming services you might have added.

Thanks i’ve home the laptop option for a couple years now but there footprint is too big (once ext hdd added) and i want an sq boost.
Maybe the network hassle can’t be avoided. Roon’s made me HATE networks though.