Controlling preamp volume from Roon

Is there a way to control the volume of a generic preamp from Roon, so that one avoids the use of multiple remotes, sticking with Roon only?

This could be achieved by providing volume up/down IR control codes for the preamp to Roon, which Roon could then transmit via Ethernet to an IR control device, such as Global Caché iTach Flex IP or WiFi, which would in turn control the preamp.

The goal is to avoid using digital volume control in Roon as well as any volume control (digital or analog) in the DAC. This would work best in my setup (dCS stack with Spectral preamp).

Thank you, Andrej

does your preamp have rs232 or ip control protocol? if it only has IR – we have a solution coming. if it has rs232/ip protocol, then an extension could be written for it similar to how one exists for meridian devices and a few others.

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It only has IR (it is Spectral DMC-30SV). I am looking forward to the forthcoming solution! Thanks, Andrej


New (and excited) Roon user here. Spending way too much time fiddling around and optimising the system and zones.

Sounds like you are working on some sort of ‘generic’ IR blasting capability. Very interested. Do tell!


Any progress on your IR solution? I have a Global Cache iTach waiting.

Hello! I searching for solution with rs 232 control. I got roon core on windows connected via usb-rs232 cable to Onkyo tx-sr707.
volume control or other options if availible.

The solution coming at that point was the Roon API. People have used it for this type of thing.