Controlling Roon from another application

Hi there,

As a developer, I am collecting information on Roon interfaces (local, network).
Typically, I would like to send orders to Roon (start to play “such” album, etc.).

Is there any place/wiki where I could read such things? :face_with_monocle:

Thank you.

Hi Vincent

The #tinkering:roonapi section of the forum might be a better place to start off. There you can also find many threads about existing Roon Extensions that make use of the API – take a look at their source code where it is available. You can find information about Roon’s API under the following link: Roon API for Javascript: An overview and tutorial.

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Thank you for this link. :pray:
That’s the kind of support I was looking for.
Now, up to me to play with this API.

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