Controlling Roon on a Intel Nuc with built in iR Sensor?


I have been testing Roon on a NUC6i5SYH running Win10 Pro for a couple of days … I really like it and Roon is running nice and smooth.

Is there a way I can use the built in iR Sensor of the NUC to use a normel Button Remote Control for play, pause and skip?

I have tried the media center remote that I use with Kodi but Roon does not react to it.

Thanks, Mike

Various things discussed here about it.


I guess I should have installed Roon and not Roonserver on my headless Nuc. That way I think I could use an iR (Button) Remote …

You can still install ‘full fat Roon’ along with Roonserver. Be sure to install it as remote.

So i can have both running on my headless Nuc? I didn’t even think about that option. Thanks … that’s a great idea :slight_smile:

Having the remote stay on top of the desktop should let me ir remote control Roon i guess …

Yep, just point the Roon to RoonServer as Core as Rene says. You can open and close Roon as a Control and RoonServer will keep running playing music to all Zones.