Controlling volume of streamer/DAC

I’m setting a new room and wondered how volume control would work with a roon-ready network streamer or streamer/dac - i.e. where the pre-amp and volume control in the components would be in a device that is further downstream from the roon-ready connected device.

I currently use an all-in-one roon ready device in one room (mytek BB) so this is easy, as I can control its volume fully from within Roon. but, if in my new room I used only a streamer, or a streamer/dac, that was roon-ready - and connected to it a pre-amp (or headphone amp) that wasn’t roon ready (where the volume control would reside) - how would changing the volume in roon’s software work?

I realize this is probably a super basic question, so appreciate your patience in educating me :slight_smile:

You would just set the new rooms audio device in Roon setup to fixed volume and you will be all set!

See screen shot, choice of volume types.


thank you!!!