Controlling volume with Room remote

Hi, very new user here (running the trial but after 24 hours I already know I shall sign for a year).
My issue is that I can’t control the volume through Room remote (or indeed through Windows) only with the volume knob of m IFI Zen dac.
Volume in the settings is set to device control.
Is it maybe a Windows setting I need to change?
Thanks in advance.

Can’t workout how to post a photo so
My signal path is lossless
Source Qobuz FLAC
This PC. Room Advanced Audio Transport
IFi (by AMR) HD+ USB Audio. Wasapi Exclusive Mode

I have also tried with Asio but wasapi is the default

Change device control to DSP volume control.
Go to Settings>Audio and then go to the Zone for your IFI Zen DAC. There is a gear icon on the right of the zone box. Click on that and select Device Setup. In the middle of the box is a choice for Volume Control. Select DSP volume. You should now control volume from your remote.
Note that controlling volume by DSP (digital signal processing) could have small effect on sound quality, especially if you are attenuating volume a lot. It will also change the signal path from lossless to enhanced, because digits are being manipulated to lower volume.

Hi, thanks for your answer.
I had already tried this (didn’t want to make the opener too long).
Yes as you suggested in your reply the DSP plugin did lower sound quality from lossless to high quality…
Maybe it’s my dac, I didn’t imagine that this would be a hard thing to attain ?

Well, I have an MSB DAC which costs considerably more and I could not control volume directly through Roon via USB. I bought a Network Renderer as an input device for that DAC and now I can control the MSB’s volume control via Roon. Part of this also that the network renderer made the DAC Roon Ready, meaning there was much better control back-and-forth via Roons RAAT communication protocol.
So you may be in a place where you don’t have a Roon Ready device, and it is hampered by USB’s limited communication.

DACs with a hardware volume control generally don’t offee control of volume to Roon as it really can’t as there is no motorised control on these devices, they are not infinite turning they have a range that corresponds to the volume. My Ifi Nano is the same. My DACs without a hardware volume control, Roon can control quite easily as it’s the only way to do so from software. This include all the DragonFly DACs.

Many thanks for your answer, that clarifies what I was starting to think.

Thanks for your answer, yes it appears to be something that I am unable to do with my current equipment.