Conveniently getting music from general purpose computer to Nucleus?

Looking forward to Nucleus+ and its forthcoming LPS! And trying to plan for it, thus this thread.

I am assuming the best way to store music for Nucleus is on an internal 4 TB SSD.

If so, how will be new music files periodically copied from a general purpose Mac onto the internal Nucleus+ disk? Would the Nucleus+ internal SSD be mounted on a Mac as a remote volume? In such a case, one would presumably conveniently run a mirroring job from the Mac to the Nucleus (perhaps unmounting the volume during listening)? Or will Roon provide some dedicated tools for synching a music file folder on a Mac with that on Nucleus?

The drive would indeed be mounted as a regular SMB-share. You can safely run a mirroring job (when loading your music for the first time, you may want to stop Roon Server first from the admin page) or drag and drop individual albums.

I like Carbon Copy Cloner for all things mirroring/backup on Mac, but your preferences may vary.

thank you for clarifying - sounds good! i like Chronosync for synching on a Mac.

also, it could be convenient to figure out how to use folder actions to trigger an immediate sync as soon as the “reference” Mac folder with music files changes …