Conversations and good questions

Me: (After playing several albums and letting roon radio take over)

The Mrs. (later): Why does it keep playing from the same albums over and over?

Me: Yeah, I don’t know. Roon radio seems a little fubar.

The Mrs.: Why do you keep using it?

Me: Well it’s pretty cool. It integrates local and streaming libraries. It has DSP to adjust the sound, and plays bit perfect to multiple endpoints.

The Mrs.: Wow. That’s great. I guess. What was that you were playing this morning and yesterday? I liked that.

Me: This morning was Spotify track radio. Yesterday was Tidal artist radio.

The Mrs.: Huh. Why is it again you keep using roon?

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Well, the explanation is very simple - Mr. and Mrs. are different. Mr. likes to listen sophisticated music from Roon Radio while Mrs. rather uncomplicated music from Tidal and Spotify …

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