Convert 32 bit AIFFs to 24 bit

I recently discovered that Roon didn’t import about 2,500 tracks from my iTunes library (I only started using Roon in December). I realize that they were all home recordings from LPs that I saved as 32 bit AIFFs and that Roon says is an unsupported audio format. Can anyone recommend reasonably priced software for Mac that can mass convert these files to 24 bit AIFFs while retaining the stored metadata? Roon has no trouble with my other recordings at 48/24.

Hi Robert,
on my windows PC I am using Audacity for music editing and conversion (WAV to FLAC).
You can create macros that will do mass editing and exporting.
I saw it is available for MAC, too.

I have been using ff-works application, its a front end for ffmpeg.
You can do patch conversion with it, and atleast I know that with flac files metadata is kept.
Its about 20€

dbPoweramp can do batch conversion.

XLD, which is free, can do all sorts of sound file conversions. For each file format extra options are available under the “Option” button; one of them being Bit Depth.

I use MediaHuman Audio Converter. It’s free, and has worked well for me, but I don’t know if it will convert 32 bit AIFF files. If it does, I’d definitely recommend it.

Thank you guys for your various suggestions for conversion software. I’m beginning to explore these options. Your input is very much appreciated.

Thanks for the tip. I had some problems with other suggested programs not retaining metadata during conversion but MediaHuman did it all. It was still a couple days of work to convert several hundred albums, as I did each separately to maintain my organization. Great easy to use software with perfect pricing!
Much appreciated,